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The purpose of this course is to cultivate and encourage a new generation of Muslim servant-leaders in Rhode Island. 

Whether you are experienced or not, whether you are young or more advanced in years, we invite all to participate! 

A "servant-leader" is a community member who has gained the requisite experience and knowledge to be able to serve more effectively and take their own initiative, without the need for constant guidance and support from community leadership. By going through this course, you will God-willing be able to:

  • Provide much more service and care to community members than organizational leadership could ever accomplish alone
  • Tend to the diversity of the community more effectively
  • Maintain more expertise for the community to benefit from and draw on
  • Build a model community to which other communities can look for inspiration

Course Structure

The Servant-Leadership Course consists of three complementary parts. 

1. Online Course. The step-by-step modules of this website are to be completed on your own time. 

2. Saturday Classes. Weekly in-person group sessions will be oriented around discussion and practical exercises designed to complement the online course component.

3. One-on-one Consultation. We encourage you to begin thinking about your role in serving Allah through serving the community; do you have particular interests, expertise, or energies you would like to develop? Consultation with Ustadh Adnan or Sister Sara is designed you bringing theory into practice.

How to use this website

Each topic has its own page. Click on the links below to get to the topic's page, which consists of several modules. Each module will have:

  • An audio lesson
  • A list of key concepts covered in the audio lesson
  • Documents referred to in the audio lesson
  • An assessment 

All of the materials (the audio file, the documents, and the assessment form) are embedded into a small, scrollable box. If you want to view them in full-screen size, download, or print the materials, simply click on the "pop-out" icon at the upper right corner of each box. You can also see all materials in the shared GoogleDrive here.

If you have any trouble navigating the website, please contact us.